Saturday, March 17, 2012


I have never ever seen a rain which is this much beautiful. I always believed that mind and sky are always in sync; cloudy, clear, bright, raining, sunny, etc. but now I know rain is the most beautiful expression of sky.
She came to me from heaven to clear me when my mind was dark..

Every part of her is a little more than beautiful. Every single drop that she left with me has her essence in it. She shined in the sunlight; looked more beautiful after the rain. Cleared the darkness, cared me.
She came to me and touched me as she was made for me….

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Music of life..

The music of life
Slow and simple
Beautiful and charming
Like a blue sky
The day pass by
Like clouds in the sky
The stars twinkle
In the blue night
And wink at me
I feel the rhythm of life
The life is beautiful
The gift of the God
To be good with all
The nature around me
Sing the song
The music of life
Happiness and sorrows
Hopes and disappointments
Are the tunes of life
I hear patiently
The music of life

Who am I?

It was all I know. I was not born talented and I was not interested in anything to make myself talented at anything. Being somewhere common; being someone common that was what I am used to be.  If you ask me definition of common, I don’t know.  Do I really want to know that, no I don’t cause. If what I am common then who am I? This question will hunt me and I don’t want that for sure.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Chapter 2

Day 2

Dear friend,

It’s not so easy to blend into the world of jobless. Made myself a jobless graduate.

I was at the grand job fair conducted at the town hall. Introduced myself to others as a jobless btech graduate, talked to a few fellow jobless people. Some of them have horrible and heart touching stories, listened to them for half the day. Then spend the rest of the day wandering through the stalls. So many jobs and so many vacancies; then why is still there a huge sum of jobless people.

Many of these companies offer packages of average 3lac, then why is our per head income this much low?

Have to find answers for these. This is really a perfect phase to start my career. The due date is in 6 days have to work hard.


Thursday, February 9, 2012


Chapter 1

Day 1

Dear friend,

                Today was my first day on job; my first day in my dream career. I’m a journalist now!!

Felt so much warmth and happiness to be on the floor of the world’s well known newspaper building. They got wonderful infrastructure, amazed and proud to be a part of it.

The editor sir is so friendly; didn’t expect such a great man to be so simple. A great and respected man talking to me; wow! It felt so great. Feeling like I’m something.

Got a new project exclusively for me

‘Jobs in private sector’

Krishnan sir (the editor) told me that this is an evaluation project.  This is my chance to prove myself, have to do it perfectly “First impression is the best impression”. Have a long day tomorrow.

Gud nite.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Looking back at DREAMS

Sound of the alarm woke him up.

Through the half opened eyes he searched on the table to find the source of the sound; his mobile. His two hands also joined the search, his hands moved on the bed. His hands touched something, it was a book. His search continued and caught the mobile.
He wanted to snoop the alarm but the note on the screen caught his attention. "EXAMS"

-"You flight is in two hour."
-"Thanks for the reminder, Kali."

It was his butler Kali. For a busy businessman like him its good to have a butler to do the households."

"Oh Shit! the flight is in 2 hr," 

He jumped out of the bed and went into the shower. He is going to his home, his birthplace, his everything. Why was he going? He had no doubt in the answer to write exams supplementary exams. It had been 3 years since he finished his college days, but as a path to look back he have these exams.

He was all alone now. With the curse of university.

Those were some fine days; he remembered. In the first years he was a Nerd. then in 2nd he got evolved to a Freak. In 3rd the next evolution stage Junkie. Finally in 4th he became an Engineer. It was not his dream to be an Engineer. He was just a plain kid with lots of imagination and dreams.

He don't remember when his friends 'dreams' and 'imagination' gave way to new friends 'beer' and 'girls'. He don't know when he started asking friend "Which exam is today?" He don't remember when he started bunking class. He don't remember why he studied?

But in those days there were friends; friends for everything. Friends in every path and every turn he took. But now?

His parents scolded him, the advised him to  be a good son. To study hard and achieve many heights. They always told him to be good in selecting friends. But all he wanted is to select friend who will stay with him for ever. But now?

He finished the shower and got out of the bathroom. His phone was ringing. It was an unknown number. He attended the call.

"Dude, we are home where are you man i haven't even started the first module what about you macha?

Friday, March 25, 2011

My contribution to perizia : 'Reflections'-Online Photography competition 2

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From: Sree O S
Date: 2011/3/19
Subject: 'Reflections'-Online Photography competition

"Walking our ways around"

"The prestige"

"Generation gap"